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Tourism Between the Nordic and Baltic cities of Riga tourist assessment is recognized as a cultural and historical city, but the art is in Helsinki, Copenhagen and Malmö. Turn Tallinn recognized as romantic
Shopping Yes you can officially drop the empty shelves cliche of the old Eastern bloc - it's about twenty years out of date after all. These days you'll find Riga offers all the variety and quality you would expect of a city approaching 1 million in size, and you can have plenty of fun shopping for familiar brands in spanking new shopping centres. Be warned however that Western labels are something of a status symbol in Latvia and as such they can be more expensive than back home. Bargain hunters might prefer to see what reputable national stores offer - or for real cut price deals check out the Riga Central Market.
Cost Food and drinks in restaurant & pub:

- Fish and chips – 3 LVL / 4 EUR / 3 GBP

- Fast food meal (burgers, chips, cola) – 3 to 5 LVL / 4 to 7 EUR / 3 to 5 GBP

- Meal in a local food restaurant – 5 to 7 LVL / 7 to 10 EUR / 5 to 7 GBP

- Meal in a cheap restaurant – 2, 50 LVL / 4 EUR / 2, 50 GBP

- Meal in a normal restaurant – 6 LVL / 9 EUR / 6 GBP

- Meal in an expensive restaurant – starting from 20 LVL / 30 EUR / 20 GBP

- Cigarettes, one pack – 2 LVL / 3 EUR / 2. 5 GBP
Sights Latvia’s key tourist attractions are concentrated in Riga. It is therefore possible to visit them all in one day since they are mostly located in the Old Town or within the borders of the historical centre.
Rundala Palace and Turaida Castle are the most popular tourist sights outside the capital.

Riga, Latvia

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